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Automate your financial reconciliation process.

Say goodbye to manual, error-prone tasks and make time for what really matters: growing your business with control.

Say goodbye to manual, error-prone tasks and make time for what really matters.

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Automated processes

Minimize human errors on repetitive tasks.
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Automate the end-to-end reconciliation process

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Collect data from any source

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Schedule activities to run intraday, daily, weekly, monthly

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Highly accurate data

Our customizable rule-based engine gives you confidence in your numbers.

Increase the precision of the matching process and reduce the time to identify inconsistencies in your financial information.

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Real-time dashboards

Make better decisions, faster.

Analyze the financial behaviour of the company and manage cashflow in real-time on a single consolidated dashboard.

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Smooth implementation

Save time and reduce costs.

Our specialized team will integrate the ERPs, accounting software and bank statements data with our platform, giving you access to the benefits of SmartConcil in less than 4 weeks.

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Screenshots of the SmartConcil onboarding and implementation tool.

SmartConcil helped us to centralized and control the cashflow of our operation efficiently

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With SmartConcil, we streamline the cash flow reconciliation process and promptly identify inconsistencies

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