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One platform to reconcile all your data.

SmartConcil was created on a simple thesis: When the rules of the business are known, all data can be reconciled.

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Unique problems require unique solutions.

We understand that every company has unique reconciliation needs. Our modular platform allows clients to select a predefined set of rules based on their use cases that can then be customized according to their business specific needs.


Want to learn more about SmartConcil's modularity?

Accounting icon


Do you want to reconcile the whole ledger against bank transactions automatically on a daily basis?

With SmartConcil the financial teams will identify inconsistencies in the accounting information instantly, having evidence in case of internal audits and generating the tax estimate.

Invoicing icon


Are you looking for a way to manage your cashflow with one click?

Keep tracking the income, expenses, and payroll of the company, reconciling all the invoices against the bank statements.

Bank icon


How do you keep track of the balance and bookkeeping of your bank accounts?

Reconcile payments from different channels (Cash, Debit/Credit Cards, digital payment gateways) and keep control of your accounts receivable daily, weekly or monthly.

Accounts receivable icon


Are you losing control over outstanding payments from your customers?

Load and categorize all your bank accounts in one place, control the balances of each of them in different currencies, checking the information in a standardized format.

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