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SmartConcil: Our Journey

The beginning of the journey

How did an idea I had while sitting on my couch became my driving purpose? Passion, dedication and collaboration are the powerful building blocks of a dream called SmartConcil.

Since high school days, when my only dream was to be a part of a rock band in the small town where I lived, the idea to make a difference was appealing in my mind.

I left my town and moved to the big city with an exciting idea in my head but no experience. I wanted to become someone who could make a difference. That purpose helped me endure the difficult days.

I have faced adversities that reinforced my resolve to create something different, something that would add real value to people.

Everything happens for a reason

When I founded the company, it was almost by accident. I was looking for work where I could apply my creativity. Unable to find what I was looking for, I decided that I would have to create that job for myself. In my living room, with the help of a couple of friends and the financial support of my wife – basically my first investor – we created the first version of SmartConcil.

Thanks to my previous work, I gained knowledge in developing sophisticated financial applications. We used that experience to explore ideas. We quickly identified how tedious it was for the treasury and back-office teams at financial institutions to do so many repetitive tasks. We thought: “What if we can eliminate this tedious work?”

Intending to reduce the time and complexity in the bank reconciliation process, we started developing tailor-made solutions for banks. With a great dose of persistence, we signed our first contract months later with a large bank.

The vision and the purpose of SmartConcil

Having a company is not only about revenue, but it is also about sharing ideas with others and working towards a common purpose. Offering products that make us the best ally of our customers and reducing the complexity of the financial operation process has driven our growth for the last 10 years.

Now, we are learning and improving the way we offer services. We are creating new products that we will soon launch in the market, combining technologies like Blockchain and Machine Learning.

We envision a future where all companies will connect their treasury and back-office systems to the banking platforms worldwide, allowing them to more easily offer their products/ services all around the world.

Seamlessly using different currencies and bank accounts to grow based on the quality of their service.

Let’s make noise

I love what I do, but I am always looking for new ways to do it better.

Our journey is not finished yet, and I am sure the purpose that was born 10 years ago will remain in our DNA, pushing us to the next step.

We invite you all to be part of this movement, think out of the box and disrupt the way we do business.

Let’s make noise!

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